CHILDRENS PONY RIDES happen all the time at our HORSE RIDING SCHOOL in HOBART TASMANIA.  Our HORSE RIDING SCHOOL in HOBART TASMANIA is located in Richmond which is a short drive from Hobart in Tasmania. Children from three years of age to granparents at sixty three years of age ride horses or ponies at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL.  Granparents often bring out their granchildren for a riding lesson or lead pony ride while they take some time out to read the paper or have a cat nap in the car.  Usually the first time granparents and children come out they watch the entire lesson and take lots of photos and video first.  Prizes are often given out at the end of a lesson for achieving tasks given during the lesson. all of which are achievable,  which usually goes for half an hour for youngsters about six years down to three years.  From seven years onward either an hour or half hour is offered.  Helmets and boots are available for riders.  Long sleeves and long trousers, jodphurs and or jeans are required for riding, along with sunscreen, we keep lots of sunscreen about for our riders who often forget their own.  RIDING is wonderful physical  exercise.

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