HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES for CHILDREN near HOBART can be found at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL at RICHMOND TASMANIA.  Options are numerous and the best way to get an idea of what we offer is to look at the numerous pages on our website if you have clicked this article. Pony Parties & Holiday Activities isideally the first page you should have a look at where you will see various photos and can read through more choices.  Our prices/payments page also has a grid showing children’s pony experience options as well.  Some mums have made their own pony parties by booking our $120 package  which  allows up to 6children and includes two ponies, one is our little miniature pony Shanny which we have for pat and play where the children are up close  and personal to groom and make pretty with hairbands, scrunchies etc while another pony is used for hand led pony rides.    Sometimes the mums bring party bags of their own and a birthday cake to make a little party.  All in all a lovely country pony experience.  We are only three minutes from Richmond which makes it extremely easy to include many of the fun options Richmond also offers. 

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