**For centuries the training of horses has been conducted with a distinctive humanistic flavor.  While huge scientific advances have been made in this area; the horse has barely gained the benefit from this progress.  Our philosophy stems from the viewpoint of the horse’s welfare – to lift horse training practices from the middle ages and structure them on current training psychology principles.    Many people talk about the need to gain respect from the horse.  But not so many consider the need to have respect for the horse.  Respecting the horse means training within his mental abilities and systems of learning. Reducing all behaviours to the most basic responses and then progressively re building them is the core of our system.   A system that works for all riders, coaches and trainers who seek a compassionate and holistic approach that is fundamental to every level of training. These methods apply to all horse breeds and disciplines because to train from the horse’s perspective first and foremost provides a solid foundation of building blocks for calmness and obedience to prosper in any discipline.  We do not condone tricks or gimmicks.  The system relies solely on the bare essentials of saddle, bridle and most importantly – a thinking rider, with the aim to unite nature, nurture and science to create mutual rewards for both you and your horse.  Information from ***(ESI) Equine Science International

Richmond Valley Riding School are able to provide training and or practical assessment needs for the following registered training organisations  (RTO) as well as other non registered equine training organisations.  eg, Equestrian Australia (E.A.)

International Horse College RTO 31352  Provider Institution Ref: 4P530                                 INTERNATIONAL HORSE COLLEGE: click our autowebbusiness below to enter online horse college for far more information on coaching or equine course options  www.autowebbusiness.com/app/?af=1477410

  •  IN HOUSE T.T.R.A.C. Journal Style Learning Program for children prior to commencing above courses
  • ONLINE HORSE COLLEGE  www.autowebbusiness.com/app/?af=1477410
  • E.A. INTRODUCTORY & LEVEL 1 Riding & Horse-Management Courses/training

National Training Information Service (NTIS), web: www.training.gov.au.

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