Hello and welcome to Richmond Valley Riding School, Est. 1992.  We are the only riding school situated in HISTORIC RICHMOND, Tasmania, Australia.  We SPECIALIZE in teaching BEGINNERS to RIDE, CARE for and later TRAIN horses/ponies with evidence based learning procedures. More experienced or nervous riders are also welcome.  For our small horse welfare and safety of our riders we have a maximum rider weight limit of approx 80 kg       Ages from 3 to adult.                                                                            

Lessons WEDNESDAY through to and including SUNDAY, by appointment only due W.H.& S.   Phone 0418 602 672 between 10 am and 7 pm for inquiries and or to book.   Trail rides are only for our regular riders having reached a benchmark level of competence, as part of their lesson plans.

Introductory lessons are also a great way to help prepare new riders who are thinking about going on a trail ride while on holidays or elsewhere as  Horse Riding is a HIGH RISK SPORT.

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Our Motto:                                                                                                                                   SAFETY while enjoying EQUINE  FUN-FRIENDS-FITNESS  sharing a common interest! Good management over “good luck” every day!!!

 We are an  established INSURED riding school with QUALIFIED, CERTIFIED & EXPERIENCED  INSTRUCTORS.  (All adult assistants have a current  ”WORKING with VULNERABLE PEOPLE, child related activity” registration card)    
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First time riders, from 3 years of age to adult, nervous riders,  N.D.I.S. self managed child riders (non-ridden assessments required first),  students enrolled in equine courses,  young or just  “young hearted”  we have a qualified/certified instructor  to help you reach your horsing goals. For SAFETY of you the rider and WELFARE of our horses we have a max weight limit of 80kg.

We offer GIFT VOUCHERS, one off, casual, weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly LESSONS along with Pony Pat, Play & Lead-ride introductory experiences from 30, 60 & 90 minutes, (plus 15 minute free induction first time here.) from private to shared and group situations depending on age and experience levels.

BOOKINGS BY PHONE ONLY to discuss necessary details.    P: 0418 602 672   10am-7pm

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Practical hands on and theory ensure that you as a dedicated student can become highly skilled and proficient in horse care, riding and training. We are able to assist with (training) in many nationally certified equine courses or our own ”In House” early learning programs in both horse care studies and riding skills

On average we are home to only 12 much loved, trained, experienced school horses/ponies, so as to be able to regularly care for our horse’s hoof trimming, worming, dental requirements and tune ups by qualified coaches and not over stock our 30 acre/12 hectare property all in the interest of animal welfare and the safety of our riders.   All our ponies and horses have their own grooming kit, child and or adult size saddle with toe stoppers(to prevent feet getting stuck, saddle blanket, bridle, neck strap,(for more security) halter and rope, a variety of pyjamas (horse rugs) and their own purpos- built yard or stable to allow appropriate interaction, (avoiding situations where you or your family may get kicked if required to walk behind horses).   Our horses vary in size, breed and temperament to cater for the differing ages & experience of you the rider.  We DO NOT USE off the Track (OTT) thoroughbred race-horses to teach children or beginners to ride.

                             DRESSAGE    SHOWING    BASIC-JUMPING   GROUND-WORK    GAMES    HORSEMANSHIP     TRAILING (regular riders only)   COACH TRAINING   FLOAT SELF LOADING  and  MORE,  can all be learnt here.     We understand that each of you have individual needs, and goals within the equestrian discipline, the aim of our school is to offer individual care and consideration with a commitment to help each   of you reach your full potential.  We strive to offer you flexible options using developed lesson plans and services in private, shared or group situations to encompass your needs in a fun, educational and safe environment,  always taking into account that horse riding is a high risk sport with inherent risk.

       EXERCISE:  You know it is important to  undertake thirty minutes of exercise daily, however it can become difficult to find varied exercise to ensure you stay motivated.  Horse riding helps DEVELOP your MUSCLES,  CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS and BALANCE including co-ordination of fine & gross MOTOR SKILLS.  

       Looking after horses involves lots of time, understanding, patience and commitment.  We believe horse management sessions are every bit as important  in learning how to care for horses safely and correctly as is learning how to ride and train, all for the ultimate purpose of further enjoyment and safer fun at whatever level.    Equines are wonderful therapy.

HORSE MANAGEMENT:   When the Tasmanian weather is not so kind to us and the conditions are not so suitable for riding it is often a wonderful opportunity to participate undercover in the stables or indoor study area,  learning how to develop harmony with horses while learning how to care for them.

 Practical & theoretical horsemanship include subjects such as:-  safely  fit a halter,  catching,  leading,  securing,  grooming,  saddling, bridling,  other equipment, booting, bandages, feeding, rugging, equine first aid, to name but a few. 


PRE-SCHOOL PONY PAT & PLAY  is a very popular activity for those youngsters not yet at school, and for those slightly older or less confident about riding to still have the opportunity for  hands on fun with a pony.  We have little ponies and little gear specifically for little riders where required.  For safety  (We DO NOT put little riders on big horses and tuck their feet into stirrup leathers because their legs are not long enough to reach adult size stirrups anyway.)  HOME/E SCHOOL students can  also enjoy mid- week lessons.   

            CHILDREN’S  BIRTHDAY ACTIVITIES  (not parties)   From 45 TO 75 MINUTES






Find us: by appointment only,   approx:-   2  minutes from  HISTORIC RICHMOND, in the beautiful COAL RIVER VALLEY WINE REGION at         100 Richmond Valley Road, RICHMOND  TASMANIA  7025

  • 25 minutes from Hobart
  • 20 minutes from  Glenorchy, Bellerive, Mornington, Lindisfarne, Brighton etc.
  • 15 minutes from Hobart Int Airport, Cambridge, Midway Point or Sorell

Important Information:  Horse riding is  classed as a HIGH RISK SPORT, so regardless of where you or your children participate with equine lessons BE AWARE the industry is UN-REGULATED which means ANYONE, qualified  or NOT, insured or NOT, with a first aid certificate or NOT , can open/operate a riding school or give lessons.  YOU WOULD NOT CONSIDER HAVING SCUBA DIVING LESSONS WITH A NON CERTIFIED DIVING INSTRUCTOR, WHY WOULD YOU SEND YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILDREN TO A NON CERTIFIED RIDING INSTRUCTOR!!!?????      FOR  SAFETY SAKE,  THINK TWICE check credentials  (fancy facilities & or signing a waiver does not mean your instructor is insured, qualified experienced  or even first aid trained.) Saddles and helmets come in tiny to very large sizes to suit 4 year olds or 40 year olds etc, Is the helmet your using current Australian standard or equivalent less than 5 years from date of manufacture and fits without falling over your eye brows  or peak pointing up to the sky when given a shake.  Sneakers are dangerous to ride in as feet can get caught in stirrups without a heel to help prevent this.  Are you learning on a young green or unknown just rescued or just off the track (OTT) ex racehorse, usually only suitable for experienced riders?  Ask why.


We know your time is valuable, so thank you for using your time to look at our website, we hope it has been of  assistance.   

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