Richmond Valley Riding School is home on average to 12 experienced school ponies and horses.  They vary in size, shape, breed and temperament to cater for the differing ages, varying sizes and experience of our riders.  We love and care for them all.

SHANNY below, our smallest, cute miniature black mare with a white star, she is very popular at pony parties for pat and play but also teaches little’s to ride both on and off lead rein.



TOFFY  below is our  prettiest chestnut with flaxen mane & tail miniature/shetland x gelding. He is a delightful natured lead rein pony and wonderful for Pat & Play. He looks so much like our life size toy pony BUTTERSCOTCH.  Toffee looks wonderful in a western saddle(click on pics for pic enlargement)



VICTA below is our  most cuddly palomino shetland gelding, wonderful for lead rein, or bare back with our older riders for balance practise!!  He loves cuddles and having his hair brushed, and is a real people pony.




.FOZZY BEAR  below our adorable character aplenty brown buckskin  welsh mountain gelding 11.3hh.  Fozzy loves to stand with his front legs up on a step..(makes him taller!) A lazy boy , wonderful to learn on, but can walk trot or canter along at the back of a trail happily.


YOGI BEAR below  our most popular (surfy) pony he is a 12.2 hh grullo coloured welsh mountain x gelding.  A true treasure



MISTY below is our pretty flea bitten grey welsh mountain mare 12.1 hh.  She is wonderful with riders who have learnt to refine their leg aids.


CHALKY below our beloved plain grey welsh mountain pony gelding used as a lead or tail on our trails or as a lead rein pony.


SOOTY below our most reliable black 14.3hh Galloway gelding, lazy yet wonderful for teaching canter  also used for our RDA riders.  A fantastic confidence builder


KIRRA below  our “Barbie Doll” horse, a pretty chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail with a large blaze and two white front socks.  Used for beginners and more experienced riders alike.  Great for lateral work and neck reining fun.



ROSE below, our beautiful bay with a white blaze and three white socks EA Elementary Dressage trained, registered Arabian Pony 14.2 hh galloway mare. Fun for lateral work practise and jumping.


MERLIN below our adorable 15hh bay Arabian x gelding, a true gentleman, a wonderful confidence builder.  Fun for 20 metre circle practise at walk trot or canter. Sensible on trails.  Enjoys pole work practise.


CHERRI below our darling 15.2hh quarter horse x Arabian, copper coloured chestnut mare. A wonderful trail horse. Happy to jump and lazy in the arena.


VALE: below  to our dear departed horse and pony friends over the past 22 years  R.I.P.  Many of our riding school horses and ponies have been quite old or rescued to begin with, but all have been with us for at least 8 or many more years and been able to spend those years in a herd situation with other ponies or horses with plentiful  food, shelter and constant care, love and attention to the end of their days.  We miss them all.         



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