Do horse riding instructors/coaches have to be qualified or certified?  NO, but all instructors at Richmond Valley Riding School  are qualified  (for safety of you or your child be wary of “backyarders”)  filling in waivers does not mean they are insured or qualified and thereby acting in the best interest of you or your child.

What does Certified Mean?  A Certificate I, II, III, IV are all recognised by the Australian Government Qualifications Scheme.  eg. TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as officially meeting an Australian  standard.   All coaches at Richmond Valley Riding School are Cert. III or higher.

What does qualified mean?  Industry recognised only, it does not have the same Australian standard benchmarks as Certified Courses. No validation of  meeting any particular standard   and is not in the Australian Governments recognition of  learning outcomes.

Can I just turn up for a look around or to pat a pony?   NO, (sorry) as we need to allow the time for an induction and to familiarise you with the property rules to keep everyone safe.  Bookings are Essential

Can I bring spectators to watch my lesson?  YES, however outdoor country foot attire is required.  Bookings are essential

How young can children be for pat & play options?  3 years

How young can children be to ride a pony here?  3 years

What age can children be for pony parties?  5 - 9 years

What do riders have to wear?  Long comfy preferably stretch trousers or jodhpurs, long sleeve tops preferable. standard riding helmet and horse riding boots.  Silent fabric, eg non rustly clothing or avoid puffer jackets

Do you have helmet & riding boots available?  yes for a $5 hire fee  (smallest riding boot here is childs size 7)  your footwear should have a fairly smooth sole with an average heel.  Australian Safety Standard helmet ASNZ 3838  or European EN 1384 VG1  or USA  ASTM F116 acceptable. Date of manufacture must be less than 5 years.

Do you supply gift vouchers?   Yes, available via email or hard glossy copy, just phone or email us to discuss options.  Payment can be made through direct deposit to Kimberly White   BSB 017 318   A/C 5064 476 43   or cash onsite.

What courses do you offer?  Kimberly is qualified, certified and able to train students in the  EA “SuperSchools” program which forms part of the national pathway of Industry Only Recognised Accreditation for students wishing to pursue a career in the Australian Horse Industry.  This course is available to all school aged riders, interested parents and pleasure riders.
The EA Introductory Riding and Horse Management Certificates form the first two steps towards the EA NCAS Coaching Qualifications. 

Kimberly is also considered an Equine Industry Expert with Online Horse College and has been approached for interview with www.Horsechats.com in 2019.

Can you  assess  Certificate III   Horse Industry Practice (Performance Horse)?   yes,  the practical horse management  units.  Training for riding  assessment is also available.  Feel free to phone and discuss details. 

Kim & La Vita Bella State Dressage Championships

All time is valuable, so thank you for taking time from your day to look at our website.      

 Enquiries very welcome              Lessons/visits strictly by appointment 

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