Near Hobart at Richmond childrens activities are rockin, with real pony rides and or pat and play and assorted size rocking horse rides for your children as well. Check out the website  for all the various childrens activities on the pony party and holdiay activities tab.  As an adult you are also catered for with larger horses for  your horse riding lesson either as a private experience or shared with a friend or two.  The website should answer most of your questions, however if you would like to know more please phone the riding school preferably in the evening or send an email or leave a message on the landline if you  would like us to contact you when we are inside.  Ages range from three years, where some toddlers are happy to just have a pats, while others like to sit on a pony as well.  Using pretty clips and scrunchies your children have lots of fun, combing, brushing  and  plaiting a real live pony.  Photo and  filming are most welcome as we realise this is a wonderful way to have a keepsake of your child or children enjoying their childhood.  Enquiries very welcome, visits by appointment only.  Thank you for taking the time to read one of our blogs.

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