PONY RIDES HOBART, PONY PARTIES  &  CHILDREN RIDE, PAT & PLAY with PONIES at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL near HOBART where PONIES love PAT & PLAY FUN.  Here at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL we offer pony parties and have great fun in catering for these parties, up to fourteen party children can arrive to have fun withorganised active games in ourshredded rubber surfaced enclosed arena.   The children are divided into two teams where they earn points for their team within the organised game activities.  The winning team guests all recieve first choice of the prizes and of course the runner up team party guests all get a prize as well with their second pick.   By then all children are a bit more puffed out from games and then ready for party food and drinks which is already laid out and close at hand. An ingredients list is available for perusal.  What would a party be without Jelly, so of course we have individual little jellies for each party child.   Tea and coffee is included in the party for adults who stay on and watch the fun and games.  While the party children are eating, the PONIES are brought up to the arena looking pretty for the REAL pony rides and REAL pony play.

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