HORSE RIDING LESSONS are held at our HORSE RIDING SCHOOL in HOBART, where HORSE RIDING LESSONS at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL are lots of FUN.  We are a family friendly horse riding school, located only fifteen minutes from the Hobart Airport or twenty five minutes from HOBART or twenty minutes from CLARENCE (eastlands). When you arrive at Richmond, drive over the old historic Richmond Bridge then travel about six hundred metres then turn left onto Prosserroad, drive just two kilometresthen turn right onto Richmond Valley Road, we are at the end of this one kilometre dead end road.  We have a sign on the gate, so come on up if you have an appointment otherwise we may be too busy teaching to give you the proper time you deserve to look about etc, it is also for the safety of our clients that we require an appointment, as for safety sake it is nice to know who is wandering about your property and if those people on your p[roperty have horse sense.  We are an insured riding school so have safe procedures which have to be followed by all for everyones safety.  thank you for taking the time to find our website.

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