Quiet Childs Pony – Riding School’s are Best for Beginner Riders or Nervous Riders

Nervous riders or Beginner riders should learn safely at Richmond Valley Riding School.  We have many older ponies and horses.  Gift vouchers work well as a present from a caring granparent or aunt!!   Pony Parties are also offered, along with hand led trail rides for the nervous or beginner rider.  Our horses names are ….  starting with the smallest  Chantelle, she is a miniature pony, Victa is our palomino shetland pony, followed by Micky, a wlesh mountain kids pony and Yogi Bear our Grullo welsh cross (not a cross welsh!) Misty a pretty flea bitten grey about 12hh.  Lilly is Mickys girlfriend, they are like an old married couple, and live together being hand fed morning noon and night, but everyone to visit Richmond Valley Riding School loves them.  We have many more ponies, but if you ride you should visit Horseland or Saddleworld to see all the wonderful things you can buy for you and your pony friends. Blossom is about 13.1hh a beautiful chestnut aged mare, great fun for canter when you are ready.  Chalky is the pony Kim uses for taking trails, he is a 12hh welsh mountain plain grey pony gelding, Kim find it easier if she has to get on and off during a trail ride.  Rose our Bay galloway mare is lovely out on trail rides at Richmond Valley Riding School.

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