PONY RIDES for CHILDREN who love to RIDE PONIES, u can get  hand LEAD PONY RIDES for children at RICHMOND VALLEY RIDING SCHOOL, who have a variety of ponies as well as horses.  We suggest you click on our Home page tab at the top of this page to read more on what we have to offer.  The ponies at Richmond Valley Riding School are named, Chantelle, Pollyanna, Victa, Misty, Chalky, Yogi Bear, Lilli, Micky, Blossom and as they get bigger still Sooty, Rose’, Kirra, Snowman and Banjo.  Chantelle is a black miniature pony mare, Victa is a palomino shetland gelding, Pollyanna is a skewbald shetland x mare, Misty is a flea bitten grey welsh x mare, Chalky a plain grey welsh x gelding, Yogi Bear is a gruello welsh x gelding, Lilli is a gruello welsh x mare, Micky is a plain grey welsh x gelding, Blossom a chestnut arabian x mare, Sooty a black galloway gelding breed unknown, Rose’ a bay dual registered arabian pony and Saddle Pony 14.1hh.  Kirra a chestnut with flaxen mane and tail arabian partbred mare, Snowman an aged thoroughbred ex showhorse  plain grey gelding and last Banjo an aged  bay standardbredgelding….Bookings by appointment only…thank you for your time.

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